Nanostructures and energy matters - Science des nanostructures et de l'énergie

¤ Electrolysis of LiOH for hydrogen supply (article) Electrolyse de LiOH pour la fourniture d'hydrogène

This is a very important article for the future of our planet. It explains how to use LiH to store hydrogen efficiently.

¤ Thermoconductivity in polymer composites (report) Thermoconductivité dans les polymères composites

Mostly targetting thermal conductivity improvement of polymers by addition of nanoparticules.

¤ Boron Nitride (BN) Versus Carbon NT: Review, and Development Perspectives (report) Nanotubes de nitrure de bore versus de carbone

A general report for those interested in boron nitride synthesis.

¤ Synthesis of moustache carbon fibers (article) Synthèse des fibres Moustaches

This is an article on how to make a type of carbon fiber with graphene layers perpendicular to fiber axis.

¤ Article database on nanostructures and nanotechnology (database) Bibliographie sur les nanotechnologies

Originally, this was supposed to become an interactive database for articles related to nanotubes and nanotechnology. However, to be honest, I never had time to complete the project. Still, it is a good bibliography on the subject, with about 300 articles cited.

¤ Electron Diffraction pattern of boron nitride nanotubes (article) Diffraction électronique sur nanotubes de nitrure de bore

This is an article which goes quite deeply into electron diffraction. It is a first instance of such diffraction on boron nitride nanotubes.

¤ Temperatures gradients and nanotubes growth (article) Gradients de température et croissance des nanotubes

This is an original and theoretical article in which I discuss the influence of stiff temperature gradient on the nanometer scale.

¤ Boron Nitride Nanotubes Grown by Non-Ablative Laser Heating: Synthesis, Characterisation and Growth Process (Phd Thesis) Nanotubes de nitrure de bore par chauffage laser non-ablatif

This is the original PhD, which describes in details the method to make boron nitride nanotubes with a CO2 laser, and other related issues.

¤ Long boron nitride nanotubes in ropes grown by a continuous laser heating (articles) Nanotubes de nitrure de bore en corde par chauffage laser non-ablatif

This was my first article, and may be still my best.

¤ Some applications of carbon and boron nitride nanostructures (report) Applications des nanostructures de carbone et nitrure de bore

Again, this is probably a little outdated (1998).

¤ On the different methods to make carbon and boron nitride nanostructures (report) Différentes méthodes de production pour les nanostructures

This is probably a little outdated (1998).

¤ Generalities on carbon and boron nitride nanostructures (report) Généralités sur les nanostructures

This is just a very basic introduction.

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