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¤ Chloro-silane disproportionation: Modeling a Denal-type reactor (report)

Modèle analytique part 2

¤ Chloro-silane disproportionation: Modeling a mono-chamber reactor (report)

Modèle analytique part 1

¤ Impurities in silicon photovoltaic cells (report)

Quelle pureté de gaz pour faire une cellule PV silicium?

¤ Tin precursor for photovoltaics (report)

Tin instead of Silicon?

¤ Electrolysis of LiOH for hydrogen supply (article)

This is a very important article for the future of our planet. It explains how to use LiH to store hydrogen efficiently.

¤ LiOH electrolysis, an introduction (report)

stockage chimique LiH/LiOH part 2

¤ Hydrogen supply by LiH hydrolysis, and LiOH recycle (report)

stockage chimique LiH/LiOH part 1

¤ Hydrogen Supply by Aluminium Hydrolysis (report)

Un rapport complementaire au precedent

¤ Hydrogen storage through the reaction of light hydrides: Technical assessment (report)

Un long rapport sur le stockage chimique de l'hydrogène

¤ Thermoconductivity in polymer composites (report)

Mostly targetting thermal conductivity improvement of polymers by addition of nanoparticules.

¤ Boron Nitride (BN) Versus Carbon NT: Review, and Development Perspectives (report)

A general report for those interested in boron nitride synthesis.

¤ Synthesis of moustache carbon fibers (article)

This is an article on how to make a type of carbon fiber with graphene layers perpendicular to fiber axis.

¤ Article database on nanostructures and nanotechnology (database)

Originally, this was supposed to become an interactive database for articles related to nanotubes and nanotechnology. However, to be honest, I never had time to complete the project. Still, it is a good bibliography on the subject, with about 300 articles cited.

¤ Electron Diffraction pattern of boron nitride nanotubes (article)

This is an article which goes quite deeply into electron diffraction. It is a first instance of such diffraction on boron nitride nanotubes.

¤ Temperatures gradients and nanotubes growth (article)

This is an original and theoretical article in which I discuss the influence of stiff temperature gradient on the nanometer scale.

¤ Boron Nitride Nanotubes Grown by Non-Ablative Laser Heating: Synthesis, Characterisation and Growth Process (Phd Thesis)

This is the original PhD, which describes in details the method to make boron nitride nanotubes with a CO2 laser, and other related issues.

¤ Long boron nitride nanotubes in ropes grown by a continuous laser heating (article)

This was my first article, and may be still my best.

¤ Some applications of carbon and boron nitride nanostructures (report)

Again, this is probably a little outdated (1998).

¤ On the different methods to make carbon and boron nitride nanostructures (report)

This is probably a little outdated (1998).

¤ Generalities on carbon and boron nitride nanostructures (report)

This is just a very basic introduction.

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