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Walking in Honfleur

Rue des Capucins

View when getting out of the appartement

Le temps des cerises

"Le temps des cerises" is a brocante shop one block from the apartment.

Rue du puit
La place Sainte-Catherine (Sainte-Catherine square):

"La place Sainte-Catherine" is, with "Le Vieux Bassin", the heart of the old Honfleur. The church Sainte-Catherine is build as the wood frame of an ancient caravel.

During the "marché", every Saturday
The old wash house
St Léonard church
"Le Vieux Bassin" (The old dock), 1 min walk from the apartment
"La Lieutenance"
Promenade along the mouth of "Seine" river
Honfleur Beach:

This tranquil beach is 10 min walking from the apartment.

View on the Normandy bridge and on the Seine estuary

If you walk the street upward from the apartment 1 min you will find one of the finest view of the "Pont de Normandie" (Normandie bridge). You will probably cross that bridge if coming from the north to Honfleur.

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