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TittleFirst author JournalRef. PageYear
207Graphite and BN ("white graphite"): aspects of structure, powder size, powder shape, and puritysmithe. a.Powder Metallurgy14, 271101971
212Oxidation kynetics of h-BN powderodak.J. of mat. Science2865621993
215Furthmuller Ab initio calculation of the structural and electronic properties of carbon and boron nitride using ultrasoft pseudopotentialset al.j.Phys. Rev. B50, 21156061994
209Optical properties of crystalline boronspitzerw.Phys. Rev. Let.1, 72301958
214Interband transitions, plasmons, and dispersion in h-BNtarrios. e.Phys. Rev B40, 178521989
208h-BN: fabrication, properties and applicationslippa.J. Eur. Ceram. Soc.531989
213Ad. in. calculation of band structure, x-ray emission, quantum yield and EELS of h-BNmah.J. Appl. Phys.73, 1174221993
280Graphite and BN (smithe. a.Powder Metallurgy14, 271101971

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