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TittleFirst author JournalRef. PageYear
70Purification of nanotubesebbesent. w.Nature3675191994
73Capillary-induced filling of carbon nanotubesajayanp. m.Nature3613331993
76Aligned carbon nanotubes arrays formed by cutting a polymer resin-nanotube compositeajayanp. m.Science26512121994
79Fluorination of SW carbon NTmickelsone.Chem. Phys. Let.2961881998
72Thinning and opening of carbon nanotubes by oxydation using carbon dioxidetsangs. c.Nature3625201993
75Relation between metal electronic structure and morphology of metal compounds inside carbon nanotubesguerret-piecourtc.Nature3727611994
78Purification of SW carbon NT by ultrasonically assisted filtrationkonstantinb.Chem Phys Let.2824291998
71Purifying SWNTtohjik.Nature3836791996
74A simple chemical method of opening and filling carbon nanotubestsangs. c.Nature3721591994
77Regrowth of carbon NT and nanoparticulesandoy.J. of cryst. Growth1668881996

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