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TittleFirst author JournalRef. PageYear
89Are fullerenes metallic ?mintmirej. w.Phys. Rev. Let.68, 56311992
92Electronic structure of graphene tubules based on C60saitor.Phys. Rev. B46, 318041992
95Conductivity enhancement in single-walled carbon NT bundles doped with K and Brleer. s.Nature3882551997
98Thermoelectric power of SW carbon NThonej.Phys Rev Let.80, 510421998
282Localized and delocalized electronic states in SW carbon NTpichlert.Phys. Rev. let.80, 2147291998
91New one-dimensional conductors: Graphitic Microtubuleshamadan.Phys. Rev. Let.68, 1015791992
94Broken symetry and pseudogaps in ropes of carbon NTdelaneyp.Nature394661998
97Carbon NT as long ballistic conductorswhitet.Nature3932401998
100Localized and delocalized electronic states in SW carbon NTpichlert.Phys. Rev. let.80, 2147291998
90Electrical conductivity of individual carbon nanotubesebbesent. w.Nature382541996
93Luttinger-liquid behaviour in carbon NTbockrathm.Nature3975981999
96Electronic structure of atomically resolved carbon NTwildoerw. g.Nature391591998
99Temperature-dependent resistivity of SW carbon NTkanec.Eur. Phys. Let.41 (6)6831998

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