Nanostructures and energy matters - Science des nanostructures et de l'énergie

Thomas laude

French researcher born near Paris, living in Japan since 1997

Place: Tsukuba

Past collaborators:

¤ Air liquide group

¤ Teijin Limited, Polymer institute, Iwakuni Japan

¤ National Institute for Materials Science Advanced Materials Labs (Dr. Y. Matsui's group)

¤ Ecole Centrale Paris, Lab MSS-Mat (Prof. B. Jouffrey's group)

¤ University of Tsukuba (Japan), applied physics department (Pr. K.I. Ohshima'sgroup)

Doctorate: University of Tsukuba (Japan), and Ecole Centrale Paris (BN Nanotubes)

Languages: French (Mother tongue), English, Japanese

Contact: Please e-mail me (address below).

Major publications

PhD Thesis:



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